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 art communication

The event  Art-communicatoin is the prolongation of the Agora, founded in  1977,  the centre of fundamental research founded on September 4,  1994  (museum  Lasoberana), on  July 2, 2002 , the Art day of the Earth Universe,  in collaboration with R 2001 and   the exhibition  in Villa Marco, Spain  2006.                                                                                                       
At this moment it consists of the exhibition of the digital artworks of selected artists in our website (online exhibition) .  This will be the beginning of a permanent Communication idea,  in-playing on the planned centre of a centralized Art-studio and  Museum Lasoberana. It will take form through different art-activities that will develop themselves, and at which all our artists will be invited to participate.   

  De evolutie van het schetsmatig getekend masterplan van Artpoint-Artcommunication beweegt zich niet rechtlijnig duidelijk omlijnd.Onvoorspelbare elementen kunnen opdagen.
















 art communication 2008


communication  through art


 Artists:Andrew Ortiz (mx) Ben Rothman (il), Daniel Correa Rojo (mx), D L.Clovis (usa), Laura Resendiz (mx), MaroBitt-Monteiro (br), Myra goncalvez (br),  PhillipeLeroy (fr), Ricardo Espinosa (ma), Ruben Ochoa (mx),Thomas Vorce (usa), Aguila ( bel), school of ilicitis (sp) Samara (sp) Iduna (sp) Fons Heynsbroek (nl) Krista Oravec (usa) Tantra Bensko (usa)  Carlos Orozoo(mx) Steve  Sherrell (usa)






















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