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 art points  2001-2007

As we all know, the mountain must come to the prophet, if  the prophet doesn't come to the mountain. To reckognize this has been the starting point for a new exhibition concept on the Costa Blanca. Is was thought for people that seldom or never visit an Art gallery, and for artists, that often get no place in the known galleries, because there, most of the time commercial selection criterion decide. Since August 2001 exists the  Art Points, with whom's help the artworks of international contemporary artists are made available to a wide public. The curator who decides of the choice of the participating artists, is the belgian painter, sculptor and  designer Jan Gielens, who works under the artistic name of Aguila.  for the organisation is responsible Kai Engels, an art-loving young dutch lady.  there are exhibitions on 15 "Points", that are changed every 8 to 10 weeks..
Artroute along the Costa Blanca.  











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